Red Ribbon Foundation

Our mission

The RRF has one mission – to work closely with orphanages across India to offer financial support to rebuild and improve its facilities. It aims to equip each orphanage with spacious dormitories, toilets, libraries and classrooms. This ensures that each child has access to high- quality educational facilities and playgrounds to encourage the playing of sports and other physical education. And with the continued support of our group companies, each orphanage will also have access to on-call doctors, paramedics and counsellors. Through donations and fundraising in the UK, the RRF will continue to support orphanages across India. Businesses and individuals can help in two ways; setting up a dedicated charity or sponsorship of a programme.

Ways to help

Setting up a dedicated charity. Designed to provide businesses and individuals to ability to donate to a cause of their choice. The minimum donation is £100,000 per year, for a minimum of three years. Each quarter a comprehensive report will be provided and include a complete overview of the donations’ impact. Annual fees and set-up fees will apply. Programme sponsorship. This option is designed for individuals who want to help with a dedicated cause without setting up their own charity. Each programme requires a minimum donation of £25,000, a one-off set-up fee of £500 applies, along with a 1% maintenance fee. Once the programme finishes, a comprehensive report is provided on the results achieved.

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Working in partnership with Modulex Modular Buildings Plc, the Red Ribbon Foundation will build sustainable modular buildings to meet the guidelines of The Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act – 2015. Each building is built at Modulex’s factory and delivered fully furnished and ready to use – saving valuable time and resources.

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