Red Ribbon Asset Management

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Red Ribbon Asset Management

Red Ribbon Asset Management PLC is a mainstream asset management company focusing on growth markets, such as India. Established in 2007, Red Ribbon now employees more than 100 people across the UK, Gibraltar and India. 

Red Ribbon offers exceptional asset-backed projects across India cover sectors including real estate, construction, renewable energy and the hotel and leisure industry. These are ethical, eco-friendly investments which fit well into our mainstream impact investment strategy of achieving above market-rate returns whilst delivering positively on environmental, social and governance factors.

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Impact investment in India

Red Ribbon has a strong local presence in India, and the idea of ‘creating wealth responsibility’ is at the core of its business strategy. The team has a strong focus on sustainable investment and the importance of creating a resilient global economy.

The core business areas of Red Ribbon Asset Management include:


  • Infrastructure
  • Property
  • Renewable Energy
  • Hospitality 


Red Ribbon Asset Management offers a range of investment opportunities across four investor categories. These include:


  • The everyday investor
  • The advised investor
  • The self-certified sophisticated investor
  • The high net-worth investor.

Investment opportunities​

The investment products that Red Ribbon Asset Management offers give clients two ways to participate in projects.


  • Direct investment in projects


This way offers shares in a company along its journey to being listed on a recognised stock exchange. For example, all Red Ribbon Asset

Management clients can invest in Eco Hotels, a carbon-neutral hotel brand or in Modulex Global, which is focused on modular construction opportunities in India.


  • Indirect investment through regulated funds


By investing in opportunities through regulated funds allows investors to invest in a number of different projects, such as the Red Ribbon North Block Capital fund. This is a leading crypto fund which invested in cryptocurrency and digital assets.

All Red Ribbon’s investment product adheres strictly to the company’s investment principles and align with its overall strategy.

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Ideally placed to invest in India

Red Ribbon has vital links with the government, private and public sectors across India which ensures that it is ideally placed for those who want to invest in India’s growing markets.


Red Ribbon Asset Management develops scalable projects across India and creates opportunities that can deliver income and capital growth. All Red Ribbon projects are committed to the three pillars of sustainability – Planet, People and Profit.


Each company within the group delivers measurable social and environment impact as well as a market-rate return for investors. Red Ribbon is committed to reinvesting up to 5% of its annual profits to directly support sustainable development in local communities in the UK and India, and to improve employee welfare. 


Specialties: Investing in India | Impact Investment | Growth Market | India | Sustainable Investment | Mainstream Investment | Private Equity Fund | Alternative Investment | Asset Management.